Configuring Optimization, order etc. w/o connected laser

So I have a basic GRBL profile setup on one of my computers as I will not be connecting it to my laser. I would like to design cut files on this machine and ensure that they are optimized when I open the file on my other computer. Unfortunately I don’t see that optimization is a feature I can access on a machine w/o a laser. Is there a way around this or am I missing something. I’ve watched your video on cut planner and don’t want to have to fool with going 75% of the way on one machine and having to finish on another. I’d like to be ready to cut once the file is on the machine I’ll be using with the laser.

LB v 1.4.03
Devices currently listed as cu.wlan-debug
GRBL (My test Profile since I won’t be connecting the laser to this computer)

Looking in the laser section for the path/optimization settings

I’ve right clicked on the “Laser” bar and everything is checked except.
File List
Variable Text
Arit Library
Arrange (Long)

Every device type should have Optimization Settings available. Can you take a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Having said that, is there a reason why you don’t setup your design computer with the same device type as the target? That will allow you completely define the project at design time.

This is what LightBurn is attempting to connect to, not necessarily the device that you’re currently configured to.

My primary computer is a desktop machine and will be using an old laptop in the shop with my laser. I’ve attached the screenshot of the area I expected to find the optimize options.

LB V. 1.4.03

You may be in Beginner Mode. Go to Edit->Preferences and disable Beginner Mode.

That did it. Thank you!

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