Confirming support for Mr Carve M1 Fiber Laser

Hello, I read that LB recently introduced a separate license for Fiber lasers but wanted to confirm that there’s support for the new Mr Carve M1 Fiber Laser controller.

Thank you

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LightBurn currently supports fiber and CO2 galvo systems running EzCad2 or EzCad2 Lite software, connected with a USB cable. :slight_smile: You can add to the desired support list by making an entry on our Feature Suggestions site. In general, you should search that site first to either add a vote to an existing request, or start a new one for this if one does not exist.


Sorry, your response didn’t really address the question. Please see the below. Oz stated on Feb 1st that support for SeaCad was in the works, but didn’t indicate when it would be released. What I’m trying to determine is with the release of the current version of the software, is this support already built in or is this still being actively worked on?

SeaCad is made by BSL, which we’re planning to support as well. They’re actually working with us, so we have partial PC / Linux support, but I’ve been pushing harder on the EzCad support since many more people have that hardware.

He later followed this up with the below

We’re still on track for a release in Q2 of this year.

It’s still being worked on, and I do not have a timeframe to offer you at this time.

We provide much more than the little clip I shared above in the actual release announcement, so it is worth review, if you haven’t already. In particular,

This release of LightBurn includes support for EzCad2 based galvo controllers, more commonly referred to as “fiber lasers”. It supports both fiber and CO2 laser sources driven by an EzCad2 supported control card, using USB to connect to your PC, Mac, or Linux system. UV laser support will be added soon, along with support for BSL (SeaCad) based galvo systems. - LightBurn 1.2.00 - Galvo / Fiber support, and a bunch more – LightBurn Software

I was not personally aware Mr Carve was BSL / SeaCad based unit. Thank you for sharing that.

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Great, thanks for the information, Rick. I’ll definitely check the link you provided.

Looking forward to this implementation.

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