Confused positioning?

Hi, Can anyone give me a hint as what is going on here? for an unknown reason my gantry crashed in the top frame of my laser
( Falcon 2 22w ) and since then it refuses to frame correctly it sometimes behaves like the laser frame is upside down ! or way over to the right! or over to the left, in frustration I reloaded my Prefs from previous save, no joy, so if anyone can help me solve this I will be eternally greatfull.
Regards Trevor

Can you confirm these 3 conditions:

  1. You are homing the laser at the start of the session
  2. You are not moving the laser head by hand, using jogging controls exclusively
  3. You are using Absolute Coords as Start From mode in Laser window

If any of these conditions are not met, try adhering to them. Does that change behavior?

Hi, My falcon 2 22w homes every time it is started, I do at times move the head by hand, but not just befor the gantry crashe into the frame at the start of this problem, I have used absolute co-ords from the first day I got my Laser

You need to entirely avoid moving the head by hand. Manual hand movements are not tracked by the controller so position is lost.

This is almost certainly the cause of the problems you’re experiencing.

Can you retest with these conditions?

I now see how the problem has cropped up regarding the movment by hand, as regarding your sugestion of retest, the laser willnot frame at all, when the problem started with the head banging into the frame i homed the machine, when thr head got to the front left ( home ) position I heard a horrible grinding noise, like the head was trying to go past the thread on a lead screw like on a 3d printer, after a lot of thought I think the lasers lost control of its x and y axis, At this time I dont know if there is a factory reset, or if I have killed my laser, as of this morning (uk time) i dont know what my next move is!!!

If the machine is crashing on homing then something is preventing the machine from detecting that the laser module has reached the front left.

  1. With the laser off, move the laser module away from the front left. Then turn on. I assume the machine auto-homes on startup. If not, push home in Laser window. Is the crash only occurring on left or front? Or is it crashing on both axes?
  2. What type of homing switches do you have?
  3. Check what could be mechanically impeding the switches from being actuated. If something obvious, remediate the condition
  4. Are you able to actuate the switches by hand to get the homing cycle to complete?

Please provide the following:

  1. Full screenshot of LightBurn with design loaded and ready to frame and burn

As requested here the screenshot

I don’t see anything obvious from the screenshot.

Are you able to address the other questions in the previous post?

Hi, I am embarrassed to tell you I now know what what was wrong, I had not noticed the Enable Rotary had some how been switched on, I have no idea how this happened, once turned off everything went back to normal.
Thank you so much for all your help and advice, I really did think I had killed my Laser, I have learned a valuable lesson. Thank You once again.
Regards Trevor

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I see that now in your screenshot. Wasn’t obvious with the Laser window now showing.

By the way, this happens very frequently although the symptoms are typically different than what you described.

Glad you’re up and running.

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