Connect Error when trying to engrave

I am getting a connection error yesterday worked fine today nothing, changed the USB cable and still no connection.

That’s not an error. It’s waiting, then it says OK, then it homes, and that says ok. Are you seeing a problem?

The laser does not work the ok and homing starts and then it goes into waiting for connect in the laser tab no buttons light so you can’t start the laser you can’t do a fire test just doesn’t work

Can you show the more recent content in the console window? There’s a scroll bar there, so there are messages you’re not showing, and they might be related.

I just reconnected i put the laser in an of home position and when I connect it shows ok homing and then as you can see the laser start button is grayed the frame button is grayed as wee

Ok. Do you have anything loaded that you can send to the laser? If not, those buttons will not be enabled because they won’t do anything.

Yes as you can see and still just stays in waiting to connect and now the buttons are un grayed but don’t do anything

Just took another try still nothing plugged unplugged this is what I get now

The buttons did do something - They told the machine to start, and then it gave you an ALARM:2 error, meaning that the machine was told to go out of bounds for some reason.

Looking at your grid, you have it set to be roughly 18" across, horizontally, and the text you’re trying to engrave goes from about 15" to 17", or 380mm to 431mm. The machine you’re using is only 400mm across x 430mm front to back. You should go to Edit > Device Settings and change the work area to match the machine: 400 x 430 mm, or 15.74 x 16.92 inches. If you do that, then keep everything within the grid, you shouldn’t get that error.

When posting, if you include the most recent text in the console, and screen shots of the window, it helps with things like this - I can’t see what you see unless you show me, and “it’s not doing anything” doesn’t tell me that it showed errors in the console output, or that it tried to start and then stopped, and so on. The details are usually where the problem is, so including them will get you a solution faster.

That’s not intended as a lecture or anything - just trying to help you get quicker answers when you need them. This stuff is a learning curve, and is often frustrating if you don’t get why things aren’t working. We’re happy to help get you past that.

You’re awesome that was the problem corrected the work size and she’s running again. Thank you and have a great weekend

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