Connect LightBurn over LAN

Hello there!

I am currently using LightBurn and it’s awesome so far! Congrats to everyone involved.

Now to my question:
Currently I am creating the vectors/drawings with LightBurn, saving the G-Code, sending it over to the Laser (which is on a RaspberryPi running CNCjs) and then starting it from there.
While this works great, it’s a 2-part step. Every minor adjustment needs “Save G-Code” -> “CNCjs”.

Quick backstory on why

The reason I’ve decided to attach our Lasers to Raspberry Pi’s is because of interference and fear of the host computer suddenly crashing/losing power. We’ve had a lot of problems with interference in the past, which are now solved connecting the laser internally to an Raspberry Pi and hosting CNCjs there. The extremely short cables and the separate system solved 100% of the problem we’ve had. It’s now completely independant after starting the job, meaning that the host computer could crash or lose conection if it wants to and I could even watch the progress from another PC, though this last part is not really necessary.

This begs the question: Is there any software available which I could install on the Pi’s and on the PCs which would give me a virtual serial port over the network, so that I can start the job directly from Lightburn? Since the Pi is running a flavour of Debian and the PCs are running under Windows, it would need to be cross-platform compatible.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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