Connecting 3 intersecting nodes

I’m working an a graphic that has overlapping circles. I have a point where three intersect. they’re all changed to paths. I can get two nodes to connect but I can’t get the third intersecting node to connect. I can delete, break, connect, two of the nodes but not all three in one spot. Is there a way to connect all three in one spot? when I go to print it says I have open objects. But all the lines are touching, but not dashes. LIke they look when connected. I’ve breaking the connected ones and then attach them but nothing seems to work. I could really use some help with this.

Hard to follow your description. Can you diagram this or share the .lbrn file that would illustrate what you’re hoping to do?

sure, sorry my explanation isn’t clear.


I’m missing something. It’s not clear to me what you’re trying to achieve. Are you trying to have a node connected to 3 line segments? So it would be a single node as a hub with 3 line spokes coming out? If so, that’s not going to work.

Can you start by describing the problem you’re trying to solve?

I’ll try to show you and explain. in the attached drawing I have overlapping circles. I did do a weld originally, but that left gaps where i didn’t them. So I added nodes to close the spaces I wanted closed. the nodes snapped to the other lines where I did this. But when I went to print the error message came up saying there were 9 objects open. So I can see what objects its talking about but the nodes won’t connect 3 in one spot., just two.

What do you expect this to look like in the end?

all connected and closed so I can engrave it.

Like this?

almost. They need to look layered on top starting with the largest down to the smallest.

In what way would they look layered?

Like this?

You know what I I’m making this harder than it needs to be. It was late last night when I was working on this.

Thanks for the help anyway. I appreciate the quick response.

I’d like to know how you solved it and please post a picture when you’re ready. I’d like to understand and share your vision and make sure you got to your goal.

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