Connecting a Ruida controller via Ethernet

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On a Ruida, is the default IP address for the controller, but there’s no guarantee that’s compatible with your network.

​Open a command shell in Windows (Start => Run, then type CMD and hit enter).

In the command shell, type ipconfig and press enter. Somewhere in there you’ll see “IPv4 Address” with an IP address next to it. Write that down, then pick a different last number, roughly 50 or so away from the one there.

In my case, the address is, so I picked (150 would also work fine).

Enter that number in the network config menu on the laser itself (press the Z/U button, then use the arrows to get to IP Config+ then press enter, use the arrows to input new values, enter to move between fields). You don’t need a subnet mask or gateway, just the IP address.

Enter the same address in LightBurn. That should be it.

Please note that a network connection generally requires a router or switch between your PC sand controller unless you are using a special cable called a crossover cable.

Computer will not communicate with laser