Connecting device to lightburn

Hey, I am trying to connect my boss 1420 to the lightburn software and it isn’t responding. I try the “find devices” and it doesn’t search. Also I went do to the "devices tab in the software to change it to “port”. When I click the arrow for the sub box to drop down, it will highlight but will not drop down to let me change the options. I greatly appreciate any help or advice.

What do you mean when you say “I try the “find devices” and it doesn’t search.”, exactly?

Are you saying you are not being presented the window below after you click the ‘Find my Laser’ button? Or are you presented with this window but none of the buttons there work? Walk me through the exact stepss you took and what exactly did or did not happen.

What kind of computer / operating system are you using?
If it’s Windows, did you install the FTDI driver on the last page of the LightBurn install?

Thanks for the response. I have windows 10 laptop. I Downloaded everything it prompted me to I think. I glanced back through the files and didn’t see FTDI driver?

It’s on the last page of the installer:


I don’t believe I did that. Pretty sure I just launched it. can I go back and install it. or should uninstall the entire program and start over?

You can just install right over it. It won’t hurt anything.

Sweet. thank you for the help

Thank you for responding. I’m going to try and post images to go along. The first screen comes up to “find laser”. I click there then second screen assures that I’m connected via usb. Third screen comes up. Looks like where my laser should be identified but it’s blank like it’s not searching. So I go to the bottom right corner where it says devices, the blank box beside it has a drop down arrow where I should be able to change it to “port” when I click the drop arrow it doesn’t drop down to give me those options. Thank you for helping

The port drop down won’t show anything until there’s a laser profile chosen, so that’s expected at least.

When you plug the USB from the laser in to the PC, do you hear the ‘Ding!’ that means Windows sees the device?

I didn’t know that. But yes I have the ding.

A second option for the driver is to install RDWorks, as it comes with the driver for that hardware. You wouldn’t even have to run the program, just install it and the USB driver that it uses, then try LightBurn again.

Ok so I downloaded RDWorks as well and tried communicating to the machine again. It said I have Usb port failure and didn’t go there either.

There are two USB ports on the controller: one is called ‘UDisk’ and one is called ‘PC USB’. Make sure you’re plugged into the correct one. If that’s already the case, try connecting to the port directly on the controller inside the machine case (white box with green plugs on it, and there will be three wires coming out of the bottom labeled PC-USB, UDisk, and Ethernet).

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