Connecting Endurance DIY

I have purchased an Endurance DIY Laser Engraver and Lightburn does not find it. I have manually selected GRBL-M3 but still no luck. Is there other sorftware I need to load?

Have you also selected a COM port? Does Windows make a ‘ding!’ sound when you plug in the USB connection, and does it show up in the Device Manager in Windows as a COM port?

Yes to all questions

So, when you say “does not find it” do you mean you’re still unable to connect to it? Does the console show anything?

Console says waiting for connection or something along those lines. At work at the moment so cannot get the exact wording

I got it working. For anybody with the same problem I was told by Endurance to try to get it working with Benbox but that did not work so I had Elekscam loaded on my laptop, also suggested by Endurance, and tried to run the machine with that, no go. After resetting the ROM, an option within the software, it worked so fired up LB and it worked.

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