Connecting laser to computer - no port to choose from


I cannot get Lightburn with my Ikier K1 Ultra. I tried “find my laser” first obviously. That didn’t work so I manually added a GRBL for my proper size of 410mm x 750mm, still doesn’t communicate with it.

It is showing up as GRBL on the far right drop-down but the port says (choose) however there’s nothing there to choose from. I’ve started and restarted everything and in varying orders. I’ve even downloaded the CH340 driver and rebooted my computer. Still no luck.

Any ideas why I’m not showing a port to choose from? The USB-C cable it came with is plugged into the laser and then to my MacBook thunderbolt port.

Any help at all GREATLY appreciated!

This has come up a few times in the forums recently… I found another thread with a possible solution
click on the link below to read the discussion

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