Connecting lightburn to laser

New here and new to the laser engraving world. I bought a Orion motor tech 60w yellow and black off of amazon. Upon recommendations I bought the lightburn software. I’m trying currently to connect the two using a usb cable. Every time I plug the cable in to the machine my computer makes to noise that it would when you hook up any usb device. I can also see the laser lister on other devices on my computer but lightburn will not find it. I tried manually adding my laser but it says disconnected on the right side of the screen where the laser controls are in lightburn. Controller is a ruida. Any help would be great.

Did you install the drivers provided during the last part of the LightBurn install? You might need to do so for your setup.

I’m not sure, how do I install the drivers?

Go back through the LightBurn install process and you will be presented the option to install drivers.

The last page of the install includes a check box to install FTDI device drivers (FTDI makes the chip that handles the USB comms for many DSP controllers).

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