Connecting Mac to Ruida HELP

Hi all,

PLEASE can someone help me… I purchased a red and black 80w. I believe it’s Ruida. Tried the USB and Ethernet cable with my Mac and it just won’t find my laser. I’ve tried adding manuallly. Still says disconnected. I’ve done the IP address thing too. It’s driving me nuts if anyone can help please

LightBurn will not auto-discover a device that is already known to LightBurn. If the laser is already connected, ‘Find my Laser’ won’t find it again. It’s like calling someone on one phone, then trying to call them on a second phone at the same time. The laser does not have ‘Call waiting’. :slight_smile:

As @Stroonzo identifies, Mac’s are known to have conflicting drivers that can be addressed as provided in his link.

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