Connecting to laser via ethernet but saying disconnected

I am trying to connect my 2019 MacBook Air running MacOS Ventura 13.2.1 operating system but I am having no luck getting the ruida controller to see my laser. I am trying to use the ethernet cord provided with the OMtech laser I purchased (I already went and bought a new one thinking the one the laser came with was just bad) but we are still having the same issue. I have installed and uninstalled Lightburn so many times. I really need help before I go crazy. A week of this and watching every youtube on the planet and I am doing everything they are doing step by step and theirs goes to ready and mine well it just stays at disconnected and no device found at the bottom.

Thank you so much in advance

Hello… welcome aboard…

Sorry to hear you are having issues. Ethernet is the best way to communicate with the Ruida.

How are you wiring this up?

Are you running the Ethernet through a router?

It should show up on your network.

Did you change the IP of the Ruida?


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