Connection issues mac

I have purchased a Longer laser but can’t connect it to my Mac, I have tried everything? I the tried to save a design to memory card but the laser was framing way bigger than the Lightburn design? Frustrated!!! I’m

Hi Bob,

You may need to install a driver for your laser to communicate with LightBurn - you can download it here.

Start with that, and if you’re still having issues try removing any USB extenders/hubs, and try a different USB port.

Looks very complicated do you have instructions? I’m using a Mac with Big Sur 11.6

It’s in Chinese

If you’re on Big Sur you should be OK - lets move on with some next steps, we can revisit that later if need be.

Do you have any USB extenders or hubs between your Mac and the Laser?

Let’s try manually setting up the laser as a device. Go to “Devices (bottom right of screen) > Create Manually”, select GRBL, Serial/USB, then follow the prompts to complete the setup. Then, select that device via the drop down next to the Devices button.

It should attempt to connect to the laser. If you click on the Console tab in the top right, what does the console output say?

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