Connection problems for Windows and Ruida running new update

Being having multiple problems with connection on my windows computer and all of the new updates, most of the time it will not allow me to connect laser. Using Boss LS2440. Not having same issues when using older versions with my older computer. Is there any test files , so you are able to see what is happening?

How are you trying to connect? Has this connection changed? Changed cable, connection type? Did you do a Windows update recently?

hi there, I connect using a usb cable , I use the same cable when connecting with my older computer and do not have the issues. I have not done a windows update since updating to the newer version of lightburn. I have to mention I have been having these issues for months with all of the new updates. I have had to design on my new computer and transfer the files to my older computer to cut so I am not loosing too much wood. I am not sure if there is possibly a setting on my new computer that isnt enabled ? I am not horrible at computers but also not a wiz at them either, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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