Connection to Enjoywood 20

I have an Enjoywood 20, and run lightburn on a Mac. I am having difficulty getting the software to control the device. I can output gcode to a card and use it with the machine to get reasonable cuts, albeit with some scaling problems (another topic, another day).
When I first got the machine it would connect fine, nothing has changed, but I can no longer trigger prints from the computer, or run focus or get the aiming laser running (despite enabling it in settings). I would welcome any tips that you might have?

How did you initially connect to the engraver when things were working well? A USB Cable? wifi / bluetooth / wireless?

Please unplug the engraver from the both the computer and the wall, wait about 15-20 minutes and plug everything back in. Occasionally engravers will get into what can seem like an unrecoverable state so a ‘cold’ start can help.

Launch LightBurn on the Mac and power up the laser engraver.

Open the Console window in LightBurn and watch for a connection message.

If the laser Connects and offers an error message please copy and paste that into a reply here.

If the laser doesn’t connect, please select, copy and paste the info you’re seeing in the Console window from LightBurn into a reply here.

That sounds like a plan. One idea though, if the project is square and off-scale by about 25 times it could be a difference between inches and mm. If the scale is off side-to-side than it is front to back, I have to ask our usual favorite question - did you try a roller rotary tool and forget disable it when you were finished? It happens often enough that I have to ask. :slight_smile:

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