Connection via Wifi

Spider X1, Macbook Pro M1 running Ventura, Lightburn 1.4.01

Laser IP:
My IP:
Router IP:
Lightburn device IP:

Can ping laser. Using can load the control panel of laser.
Connection via USB works normally.

When try to use Wifi, console show “Waiting for connection…”

Any steps I can try?

Is this in your browser?

It may not interface with Lightburn via wifi.

@berainlb might have a better handle on what’s possible on these via wifi…


This is the key point. Is there reason to believe that this laser supports connection to LightBurn over IP?

Yes, it’s the browser.

Sorry for not thinking about it. Let me ask the manufacturer of the laser.

I have not think about it. Let me ask the manufacturer. Thank you for your reply.

Yes, you are correct. Spider X1 do not support LightBurn via WiFi. It only support uploading the Code file via the web interface. Thank you for your answers.

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