Connectivity lost and restart from preview position moves laser to very beginning of the job

I’m using a Samsung tablet with a tool D1 20w Pro and my burns are stopping during the burn with an error that the connection was lost.
One job was 3 hours in and no one was around to bump or move any cords, etc.
The next job stopped 8 seconds in and again no one was near the laser.
I’ve read other posts and have saved the G code and gone to the preview to “start laser from this position” and when I start the job the laser uses the current position (where it stopped) as the beginning and moves and begins burning further down my board. I have tried changing the “start from” to user position but it still moves vs starting from the stopping point. I’m using light burn 1.4.03.
Can anyone please help?

This sounds like it might be an issue with the tablet going to sleep. Disable USB sleep and potentially power savings while burning.

A couple of things to watch out for:

  1. if you need to resume your work then I’d highly advise working with Absolute Coords as your start from mode. You will need to have already been in that mode for the design to be well positioned during the initial burn
  2. if your laser ever lost position you will need to re-home to re-establish the origin position
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Thank you! Would it make a difference if the job was saved to an SD and inserted into the xtool itself?

Yes, if the machine can be driven that way. That would eliminate most communication issues. However, I’m not aware of the xTool D1 having an offline mode but I do know that there’s a temp file on the SD card that the machine uses so it’s possible you could get it to work that way. I’m just not familiar.