Connects to co2 & diode but won't run on diode

I have a question. I have a Xtool D1 20W Pro diode laser. It is working fine with Xtool’s XCS, but it won’t connect properly to Lightburn. I also have a co2 60W laser that works great with LB, except for the new update that has messed up settings. I’m running LightBurn 1.6.01

When I send a LB file to the diode laser, it shows that it sends the file without errors. But, this is all it does. It just sits there and no errors. The diode engraves and cuts with XCS, but not with Lightburn. My co2 has no problems and engraves & cuts fine. Any idea why the diode won’t run? I replaced the Motherboard & sensors recently, but as stated, Xtool’s program runs fine so it’s not the machine. The co2 runs fine. It’s just Lightburn to the diode that doesn’t work. I’ve checked my settings several times but I must be missing something. What other information do you need?

Can you share your settings?

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Do you set the machine up using the Lightburn grbl setup instructions?

There is likely an xTool installation guide for using Lightburn… did you find that?


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Which settings? They dont change anything. Ive tried several different files from cut to engrave. When i hit send the little popup shows quickly like it doesn when files are sent, but the machine does nothing. Wont move, wont do anything

This is my 2nd Xtool. I did not have to reset the programs on my computer because they were already there prior to the Motherboard going down. I did update to the newest version, though. I also reinstalled the previous version just in case that was the issue. Still nothing.

Check your settings, specifically the Baud Rate.


THANK YOU!!! Not sure why i changed them, but they were double. Ita running correctly now. Thank you, again.

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