Conneting Oemtech 208 80W via ethernet with lightburn

I want to manually add my Oemtech laser as a device in Lightburn. When I attempt to manually add the Ruida is not listed lightburn’s list of controllers. Is there a Ruida config file for lightburn that I am missing?

If you go to devices, and create a new one, there is no Ruida there to select.

It’s odd since Lightburn was created for Ruida controllers, as I understand it.

It should be there, you shouldn’t need access to the Ruida to set up the device type…

Can you see it on the local network?


I need to get the DSP devices addon for lightburn.

Yes, you need to upgrade to support dsp controllers.

If that fixes your issue come back, advise the fix and mark the thread ‘solved’

Good luck.


Lightburn upgrade solved problem…/ Thanks to all.