Console Window does not seem to allow use of Gcode commands

I am led to believe the Console window in lightburn can communicate with my cohesion3d Laser Board (with Lightburn GCode). But when I enter things like “$$” nothing happens… All I want to do is check some setting. HELP

On the laser pannel, in front of device button, are you selecting the correct COM port?

Also when connecting the machine, in the device manager (Right click windows menu → device manager) - ports zone, identify port number. You can plug and unplug USB to confirm which COM port was given to your machine

Also double check that you do NOT have duplicated com ports. Is rare but happens where 2 devices get the same COM port number, that woudl cause a world of hurt :slight_smile:

C3D boards are typically running Smoothieware, not GRBL, which is why the ‘$$’ command does not work.

You’ll need to get familiar with to better understand your machine.

Maybe this could help?

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