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Is there some way to restart where you left off gcode from line 48980?

Not directly, no.

Depending on your need you could:

  1. Use Preview window to get to the approximate location of where you want to restart then use “Start here” to start from that location
  2. Save gcode, then remove or comment non-essential lines up through 48979, then run gcode. Keep in mind that some gcode parts are modal so you would need to make sure those are preserved or unneeded.

Well… Good to know but, this time it seems different than the last errors. I maybe posted in haste. So, this time the job clock continued to run. I pressed pause and a few seconds passed. I un paused and the job seemed to continue from where it left off. Wished I had guessed that the first time. Well I’ll split up the jerb for now. I don’t see any real error information when it does this. Any idea of cause? I’m using a Comgrow Z1.

It sounds like there’s more background to this that you haven’t disclosed. You’re talking about an issue but with seemingly no context so a little disorienting.

Can you provide an overview of what you’re experiencing, what the problem statement is, what you’ve tried, and what the results were?

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The laser just stops with no errors.
The clock continues to count.
I press pause, nothing happens.
I press un-pause, it continues where it left off. It’s just weird.
I’m okay now if your dizzy. I’m going to have another beer and forget about it.

This sounds like a disconnect scenario but the un-pausing resuming where it left off is a little odd. Normally this would be a full disconnect but it’s possible you’re just getting a partial disconnect.

These scenarios are almost always caused by one of the following conditions:

  1. bad USB cable
  2. bad USB port
  3. USB port power savings activating
  4. Computer going to sleep
  5. static discharge from laser to USB port causing disconnect
  6. bad power supply
  7. electrical noise on mains circuit from other devices coming on or running

Try to work through these. If you have a notion of what it might be then start there otherwise see if you can eliminate all of these scenarios.

Thanks for the kind suggestions. Could be noise. I’m going through the camper inverter. LOL. The tin foil on my head suggested there was something safety related built into the firmware. Tilt should be okay unless there is some kind of geomagnetic storm going on right now. I imagine there would be some error response though. I think another beer will fix it.

Any safety feature should be prominently logged in the Console window so look there for any alarms or errors. Typically, those are non-recoverable, however.

If this is a noisy power source then yeah, could potentially be an issue. Do you have a UPS or something you could put between the laser and inverter? Might stabilize the power.

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