Continuous frame missing

Having been using Neje software I decided to try Lightburn. Unfortunately I find one basic feature which I use all the time in the Neje software lacking in Lightburn.
I always set up the burn then select frame or preview mode, which with Neje runs multiple loops until stopped, go to the laser and set up the work then back to the computer and run the job.
With Lightburn the frame is half completed by the time I reach the laser so this method of working is not possible.
How on earth do people work around this?
It seems to me such a basic feature to be lacking. I have read that Lightburn can’t implement it and have a user abort part way through the frame but at least implement it in such a way that multiple passes are possible in frame mode.
Clicking on frame or preview in Neje software runs the frame and opens a window to move the image with arrows or by dragging, has a speed slider for the frame movement and a stop button.

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