Continuous jog not working properly on Mac OS with keypad input

Hi! I’m new to Lightburn and laser engraving in general (I have lots of experience with 3D printing, tho). Today I’ve been exploring the keyboard shortcuts for the software and I ran into a slight problem:

When I use the keypad numbers to jog the laser with the “continuous jog” option turned ON and I keep the key pressed (let’s say 8 to travel up), I don’t get a smooth continuous movement, what I get instead is just a jerky step movement. My distance is set to 1mm. It operates the same way as if I had the “continuous jog” option turned OFF and tried to move it with the onscreen button, pressing it multiple times very fast.

When I try the same movement with the onscreen button, also with the “continuous jog” option turned ON I get smooth movement for as long I keep the mouse pressing said button. This is how the option should work normally, I imagine.

I intend to use a wireless keypad to jog and control the software while standing next to my laser, so this is a bit of an issue for me.

Am I missing something? Is it some kind of bug?

I’m on a Macbook Pro late 2014, running High Sierra and I have installed the latest version of Lightburn (1.2.01). I’m using an original wired Apple full keyboard, if that helps.

I appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

Every move is transmitted to the laser from your mac. Anything that slows or interrupts the communications will cause jerky type movements as the stream is interrupted.

That’s the breaks with usb… Let someone else jump in…


I was thinking the same, that for some reason the signal gets interrupted somehow, but given that it works smoothly when using the mouse to click the onscreen button I’m not sure if that’s the issue. :thinking:

Hopefully the developers can shed some light to this problem. :slight_smile:

The keyboard is a usb connection also and can get interrupted when the OS needs to do other things…


I know, but my mouse is also wired so I don’t think the problem is interference/interruption in this case. Just today I got the bluetooth keypad I’ll be using to control the laser and it behaves the same way than my wired keyboard. :thinking:

There is so much going on in todays machines and usb is at the bottom of the list.

You don’t know if the mouse has a quicker interrupt or many other things that can be configured in a os…

I wouldn’t think Lightburn could have any impact on this.

Have no other suggestions, sorry…


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