Control windows

Some times the control windows do not open, like turning on camera or the move window.
Is there a hot key to move these windows around?

The windows and the layout of these windows are user controllable, allowing you to arrange the overall layout as you’d like. You can choose to show or hide different windows, and we also provide a way to reset to our standard, default layout using the menus. Checks next to a window in this menu means you want to see that window somewhere in your layout.

I understand that but some times they do not show up or it expands clear across the page, very annoying

Shift Launch will also reset the windows to default layout. This older video, generated by one of our longtime members might help:

If you post a Dropbox, YouTube link to a video showing us what you are experiencing, we may have suggests that could help.

Thanks that helped getting thins back to to starting point.

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