Controller board with step/dir outputs

Hi all,
I am thinking about upgrading my current setup with a Devil1 modded Xtool to something bigger and sturdier.
My new machine is going to use servo motors with integrated drivers (JMC iHSV57). These servo motors need Step and Dir pulses from the controller board. Is there a controller that connects to Lightburn and outputs step/dir to the motors and has outputs for a diodelaser head (pwm) as well as connections for limit switches and preferably also air assist?

Thank you for your help.

Any (diode) laser mainboard does. The most convenient choice will be the MKS DLC32, it’s most common and has many guides available.

Be careful turning the response on those servo controllers, because several folks have reported intractable problems with delay through the servo feedback loops.

The difficulty seems to be matching the delay in both axes, perhaps because the motors are driving different mechanical loads: although the laser head gets to the commanded point, the axes don’t track the desired path while getting there.

There’s definitely a problem with mismatched motors (stepper on one axis, servo on the other), but it also crops up with servo motors on both axes.

Apparently it can be done, but it may not be trivially easy.

Thank you for the replies.

I will order a MKS DLC32 and start experimenting.


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