Controller compatibility with Lightburn

Hello folks,

New to this forum.

I have a Shopsaber 23 CNC with an Opt 10W laser attachment. The controller is WINCNC laser 10.5.

Does anyone know if Lightburn will communicate with this control firmware?

Lightburn is free to try with all features active for 30 days. This is exactly the reason for the trial period. You have enough time to work out the communications issues. Select GRBL as the controller type. It is pretty generic for generating GCode.

Thank you.

That’s a physically large machine… don’t know much about it’s laser option… How fast can your machine move?

Ensure you read up on the setup for grbl controllers. It is relatively short and can save you and us lots of time for a proper setup…

Don’t forget to read the machine settings of the controller, save them somewhere safe, like a google drive… then save them again locally.

You will have to change some of these settings to use it in laser mode. So save these as a different file name.

Name them some way to denote them as laser or mill/router settings.


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