Controller saying XY frame over size

Just got my 1st ever laser been a CNC guy for awhile now. Got the laser hooked up and beam aligned. Image loaded in light burn ready for first cut and when I hit the start button the controller says “XY frame over size”

Work piece is in the center of the machine and it’s only 200mm x 240mm and I have a 500x700 machine.

Not sure how to fix

Another issue That’s driving me crazy is that lightburn 0.00x 0.00 setting is lower left and the machine is upper right. Anyway to sync those together

There is a Light burn setup menu where you describe you machine, size, origin… Did you do that? I’m not at my computer that runs LB right now to send a screen shot, but it’s not hard to find in the pull downs, I think edit.

No I didn’t see that. I’m at work now but I’ll check it in the morning. Thank you

The only LB setup I did was connecting and adding my machine at start up

At my normal computer now, it’s in the edit pulldown -> device settings.

Look in the basic tab and set your machine size there as well as which corner the origin in is.

Got it thank you.

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