Conversion for CNC Router

I have read that you do not intend to customise Lightburn for CNC routers…such a shame as the graphic front end is so good. It just needs z axis control instead of turning the laser on and off…doesn’t it? I am sure that I have seen in the software somewhere that you can lower the Z axis after each pass. Your’e halfway there!!! Is there a video tutorial that would give more info?


While I understand it looks close, there are many unique needs for a solid CNC router software package. Doable, but a lot of work would be required and the hard part is presenting these different settings and options without making the UI confusing for those not needing the CNC stuff. It has been discussed but for now, LightBurn will continue to fill out laser features, and adding to an ever growing list of desired controller support.

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I’ve said that I do not intend to produce a “dual use” version, that operates both CNC and laser in the same package, but I haven’t said that I wouldn’t make a CNC version of LightBurn.

Tool database, tool path offset, offset pockets, Z-retract, part tabbing, and a very different preview would all be required. It’s a future possibility, but not one being actively pursued for the moment. I have my hands full with lasers. :slight_smile: