Conversion from MPC03/LV to Rudia 6432G

I just completed a conversion of a ??? (JCUT3050) from a PCI board MPC03/LV to a Rudia RDC6432G.
It was not a complete headache but there were some gotchas. I have a proximity autofocus sensor that caused some difficulty and along with that, the Z-axis needed a change to better calibrate it. Also, there was some metal cutting work to move the ammeter and get the new controller user interface installed.
But after a few hours of futzing around, it’s complete, and even better than that it works.
If anyone wants for details let me know.

So, no issues with Lightburn recognizing it? There was a question from a month or so back about whether that specific model was compatible and since it looks like a cost-effective option it’s good to know there are no software issues.

It is recognized as a 644Xg controller but so far otherwise there has not been an issue.

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