'convert to cut -> export as ai' not working anymore?

hi there,

following a tip in this forum i previously used lightburn often to create hatch and inset fills of vector shapes, using the ‘convert to cut’ function and exporting it to illustrator to get it in the ancient workflow of my 90ies engraving machines.

today i wanted to do so again after a while, but let the updater run on startup … now, with the latest version, it seems the paths created by ‘convert to cut’ don’t end up getting exported to the ai. this, or i just forgot something that needs to be done, but i actually doubt it. unfortunately i’m not having the old version around nor access to a machine that got it still installed.

does anyone happen know about this?

Here is a link to the older version. Maybe It’ll get you going until there is an answer.

I can’t reproduce this. In what way is it not exporting? Do you have an example you can upload?

thanks jeff - guesstimated i had 1.1.04 installed before, installed it and lo and behold - the fills are exported to ai.

so, as what i’m doing seems more of a workaround and not a feature of lightburn in the first place - is it a bug or a feature that 1.2 isn’t working that way anymore?

fenerbahce_cut.lbrn2 (1009.6 KB)

This is a screenshot of part of the file converted to cut, exported to AI and then reimported. Is this different than what you expect?

definitly. (as i’m not re-importing but opening in illustrator as i need to get a pdf (1.3) which then is converted to plt to get imported to some ancient software … don’t bother asking… :woozy_face:)

this is what it should look like (illustrator left), but exported with 1.2.01 there were no fills in the exported ai (unfortunately did overwrite it, so can’t show it anymore)

just found i still had an svg i tried exporting from 1.2 which had the same issue

(might add i’m viewing as outline in illustrator as that’s the only thing that matters in that workflow - no stroke widths or colors are carried over anyways)

That’s really odd.

I’m getting a message about 660 shapes being open. Do you get this as well?


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