Converting Leetro to Ruida so I can use LightBurn, Need Help, please

Need some advice. I switch from Leetro to an Ruida 6445. I believe I have all my wires correct but maybe not.

When I move my laser head from it’s original position, hit the esc button (I believe this should move the head back to it’s original spot) when I do this it does move back to the original spot but it fires the laser as well. I dont think the laser should be firing at this time.

My second issue is I draw a small circle, clicked start and the laser head fires and moves a bit and then draws the circle “without” firing the laser.

Thank you all.

This was covered recently in another post - took me a moment to find it, but this should help:

I found the answer in the forums. Here:

Thanks Travis for posting up your results!

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This does highlight the power of the search.

When doing a Leetro to Ruida upgrade, if you had searched for ‘Leetro to Ruida upgrade’ you would have had this info before you hit the problem.

I did check, and the search function is both easy to find and use.

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