Copy paste dimension pastes entire object

I was trying to apply a dimension from one object to another, when I had the object selected I copied the dimension height then select the other object and pasted the dimension in the height box, it pasted the previous selected object NOT the dimension.

Mac OS 10.14
Lightburn 0.9.07 downloaded November 13th.
Any fix for this?

I’ll have to check MacOS - this works perfectly on Windows. You could also use these:
image (the next one over is make same height)

Thanks- did not ever notice those 2 icons.

I see that it makes a difference which one gets scaled to what number by the order you select them.

The last selected object is always the ‘anchor’ for any operation. If you align objects, the last one is the one aligned to. If you size objects, the last one is the one the others are sized to.

Much easier to change the last object selected than the first one. If you drag-select a bunch of things, you can Ctrl-click the one to align to twice to remove it and re-add it to the selection to make it the last selection easily.

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