Copy/paste from Corel2019 to LB

This topic is not an issue for me, just an inquisitive mind doing its thing

Tried copypasting vectors from Coreldraw2019 to LB only to get a bitmap in LB. Or at least it was an embed that acts like a bitmap, not a vector…
I’m not sure of technicalities of copypasting from CDR but even superold SignLab9 can paste in vectors without any intermediary file shenanigans (export/import).

This was just a thing i did on a whim, just to see what happens. As i usually do this at work between CDR and SL9.

Am i missing something or LB just cant support that sort of abuse ? :smiley:

#Edit# No direct link between CDR and SL9 in the form of plugins exist in my work environment, nor am i aware they exist at all…

CorelDraw stores clipboard contents in some Corel binary format, and we don’t support it. It’s possible that SignLab9 was able to get that information from Corel, or figure it out. LightBurn can do this from InkScape, because InkScape stores SVG format data on the clipboard, so it works from there.

Hm, tried copy/paste from Corel2019 to Inkscape and it works just fine - i get vectors in inkscape. However when i try to copypaste from inkscape to LB i get same - bitmap. ???
So i drew a square IN inkscape and copypaste to LB - bitmap…

Corel Draw 2019, Inkscape 0.92.4, LB updated couple of days ago.

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