Copy & Paste from Explorer to LB


I’m a bit confused, I have in mind a saw in an earlier posting that Drag&Drop does not work, but copy&paste from explorer to LB.
When I try this, I get the ‘filename’ including path created in LB as an editable Text Object.

Bug or Feature?


Drag and Drop works fine. And I never noticed that copy/past a file from explorer didn’t work as expected. If you, for example, opened an image in a photo viewer and copy/pasted the actual image, it will work.
Copying from explorer should be easy enough… I’ll add it to the list :slight_smile:

I’ve always used Chrome, and in that browser if I right-click an image and choose Copy Image I can paste it directly into LightBurn. Adam or I will look into expanding that if necessary - he’s logged it as a feature request already.

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