Copy+Paste From Illustrator Changes Dimension in Lightburn

Hi there, I tried using the search but I have not found any help so I thought I may ask here.

When I copy and paste vector artwork made in illustrator CC2018, it keeps proportions, but ends up smaller in Lightburn. For example, a square that is 100mmx100mm will size to 75.009mm in lightburn. A dimension of 1000mm becomes 749.988mm, so it seems to not be a constant resizing either…

I know I can resize, but sometimes with very precise dimensions it can be difficult, and an extra risk for error.

When I import the illustrator file from lightburn drop menu, it is sized correctly. I’d love the copy paste feature to work perfectly… Am I missing a setting somewhere?


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Try this:

EDIT: I just reread and you say it imports OK but not with copy/paste, so perhaps that isn’t the solution.

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That is the solution - Illustrator puts SVG content onto the clipboard, and does so with the wrong DPI. Importing AI files likely works, but SVGs exported from Illustrator, either to disk or through the clipboard, will need that setting changed.

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This works now. Thank you so much for this easy solution and the explanation of why is a great bonus on top!

You’re welcome. I always like to understand why things behave the way they do, so I probably over explain stuff sometimes. :slight_smile:

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