Copy&paste from Inkscape doesnt work

Not a major problem, but here it goes…

Since i saw in one of the releases that there is an option to copy&paste from Inkscape to Lightburn, i was trying to use it but never successfully. I thought that maybe its some problem with clipboard on my computer, but today i tried on my friends PC and it wasnt working there either.
It just imports shapes as bitmap

Any suggestions on what can i try? I often switch between Inkscape and Lightburn, so fixing this would make my life a bit easier.


Forgot to add
Windows 10
9.12 version, but didnt work in any of the previous versions

When I copy&paste a shape from Inkscape it imports OK as a vector. However it also dumps a bunch of text over the top of the pasted image. Like the star here, imported from Inkscape.
Fortunately the text is easily deleted leaving the shape behind.

(Linux Mint, LB 9.12), but it’s done this with previous versions as well.

Which version of InkScape? (I’m on 0.92 and it works as expected)

Can’t say for Frakula, but I’m using 1.0 (1.0+r73+1).
But I just recently started using 1.0 and I had the same problem with 0.92.

Yes, i use 0.92 as well

I just updated to 1.0 and my problem is solved, but now i have the same problem as Hank :slight_smile:

If it helps, when trying to copy text (i know LightBurn cant import text without converting it) i get the the same error (.xml pasted into drawing field)

The extra pasted shapes are a bug, and have been fixed.

Awesome! (as always)

So it will work after next update?

Yes - I might send you a link when I get a build posted to check it.

I can wait for the update, no need waste time sending me link (that time is better used trying to make LightBurn more awesome, if thats even posible :smiley: ).

There are still a few hiccups with the 0.9.13 release that will likely require a patch, so the copy/paste fix will be in with them. I was thinking it would be worth having you try it to verify that it works. :slight_smile:

If it helps, sure, why not

Just checked and it works in the upcoming version.
Thanks Lightburn

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