Copy Right Question

How you are going to use it is important.
If you are going to use it just for fan art, and not use it to make money.
it doesn’t violate any copyright / trademark law. even if you replicated their copyrighted / trademarked material without permission.
however, if your action benefits you financially, or potentially cause finacial loss to copyright holders / trademark holders. yes they can sue you.

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Louis Vuitton registered all three letters so they can get $150,000 per letter, if you dont have a business license your persnal assets will be attached. And yes, they go after artist markets and farmers markets, they hire locals to report infringement.

if you are just lasing it for personal use probably no problem. like a man cave wall plaque. The problem lies in the for profit use.

Or damage to the owner’s business in some way, such as reputation of the brand.


There go my Louis Vuitton genuine logo sales.

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Roses are Red, Reposters are lame

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Hi Charles, I recently ran a Lightburn workshop at the Design and Technology Teachers Association of Queensland, Australia and wanted to use the Lightburn logo on some of the slides in my presentation. As it was a public (Technology teachers) presentation, I sent an email to the Lightburn software developers asking permission to include their logo. As it wasn’t a “money making” venture on my part, they replied that it was OK. I don’t know if I needed to ask, but did anyway so there was no potential backlash later on. (I also asked another business for permission to use their logo also in my presentation and it was granted.) I guess companies need to be a bit cautious about how and where their registered logos etc are used and how it might affect or reflect on their business.

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Back in the late 60’s or early 70’s found a Mickey Mouse Sorcerer’s Apprentice statue… actually a whole line of characters, it had been cast and modified as a bong… Had the Walt Disney logo on the bottom…

The Disney company didn’t like the application of their registered statue characters and they disappeared… wish I had bought the complete set of Disney bongs… it’s still preserved as new.

So, yes you have to have some idea of what and where they are going to use it.

Even the city I live in wouldn’t let me duplicate their city emblem for a few mugs I was giving away.

It used to be easier to just repent, but now they can be aggressive with attorneys. It’s easier to ask…

Any chance there were filmed and you can post them?


Don’t mess with the Mouse!