Copying Ruida profile for accurate Preview time

We have a makerspace with many users, some of whom will have their own copy of Lightburn.

Got a lot of the “I started installing on my own PC what machine do I pick?” question. I explained you just pick “a Ruida” and give it our bed size.

But, the Preview window is pretty important because it tells you how much time you need with the machine to do the job. I see there’s the “load parameters from the machine” under another tab, with the explanation that it guides the Preview time.

Question is, where is this info saved? I need a file we can put up on the Wiki and maintain if the parameters change, that people can just download and get accurate Preview.

The “load parameters” interface is different than the read/write/load/safe machine config, which shows homing switch behavior, machine speeds, etc. That does have the ability to load and save machine config. Does this file also include the parameters needed to get an accurate preview time?

The information is stored in the device profile (in the LightBurn settings for that laser, in Prefs.ini). If you go to Edit > Device Settings, on the Additional Settings tab, those are the settings. You can export / import all settings for a device in the window that pops up when you click the ‘Devices’ button. You could just export the device profile for the laser at the space, and have people copy / download that file for home use, and import it when they set up LightBurn at home.

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