Corel Draw Macro Issue 2023

I was using corel draw Lightburn macro yesterday with no issue. Today, not so much. Sometimes I have to click on the macro icon a couple of times before Lightburn opens. Once opened now it is demanding the activation code for Lightburn each time. I’m all up to date and all macro files are hung and in the right place (as far as I can see), so I’m wondering if I should delete my corel draw macro and start again? Any advice will be appreciated.

This is an update on above post. The issue is not with my macro. It is actually happening every time I open any Lightburn file. I enter the licence key, hit activate licence, get confirmation and can use that file. When I try to open another one the same thing is happening…
What’s up with that?
Thanks again,

There was a license server issue that should be resolved now.
The symptom / behavior you describe looks similar to what is described in this thread:

Please let us know if these issues persist.

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