Corel import issues

Hi. I have created a label merge in corel which has multiple pages.

but when I open in LB it only shows the first label. Is there a way to manage this and bring over all the merge pages in one go to engrave and cut?

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This is the correct image

Assuming you are outputting your print merge to a PDF, the answer is no. LB can only import 1 page of a PDF at a time. What you might want to try is setting up your document with variable text in Lightburn, and using the new virtual array tool. It might get you close to what you are trying to do.

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Hi. No, I’m saving it as a cdr file and then import it into LB. So. i’m sending over several pages at a time. Is there a way that I can do this directly into LB as a merge. The merge feature appears only to support text, and my data has both text/symbols and numerals. It seems a strange detail that you can use Corel, but not use it’s functionallity??

Can you check and update the flow you describe, please? LightBurn does not support CDR file formats at this time. :slight_smile:

Multi-paged PDF files are supported, as @RalphU identifies. LightBurn allows importing of one page at a time, but you choose which page.


You can reproduce the same document using just LightBurn. Look into Variable text options, in particular, the CSV Merge in combination with the Array tools. All covered in our documentation. Here is the main page to the docs, note the search bar in the upper-right. Home - LightBurn Software Documentation

When I have created the designs (plant labels) in Corel, I run the macro to send it to lightburn. I don’t get any of those options you show in the response. The file is converted as part of the macro to be read in LB. If I try and import a spreadsheet, I can see that it has found the file, but it doesn’t then allow me to do anything else. There are no options for opening that file. Additionally, the csv file is a mix of text and numbers, which I think may also be an issue. Is there a way to set up a mail merge in LB, as I do in Corel and then have the data inserted into pre-determined fields? I’m sure that i can’t be the only person that has to do this sort of work, but I can’t find any way to run it in LB? Any help greatly appreciated. Also, is there ever going to e a better integration with Corel?

One other thing, were I to import it as a PDF, will I still be able to separate the cut lines from the engrave lines?

That’s because the LB macro for Corel is creating a 1 page Adobe Illustrator file in the background that LB imports.

Yes, and it has been discussed above.

The macro in LB for Corel is pretty decent, but doesn’t work in your situation. If you were running an Epilog, Trotec, or Universal Laser Systems hooked up to Corel, it would work.

Might be worth your time to experiment with LB variable text. I spent very little time with it, but was able to create a pencil jig with different names.
names.csv (156 Bytes)
Pencils.lbrn (16.3 KB)

If Corel isn’t going to be able to work with LB in the way that I want, and i can’t see that it will without a huge amount of work, is there another design package that will do the process I want, with LightBurn as the connection to the laser engraver (a CTR laser). Many thanks

You can create the exact result you are looking for using only LightBurn.

Here is an example of a Virtual Array. Instead of typing the name, you can use ‘Variable Text’ to merge the CSV list into the array when produced. Variable Text Basics - LightBurn Software Documentation

CSV/Merge text format - Variable Text Formats - LightBurn Software Documentation

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