Corel Macro not working after ethernet issue update

I was having issues with the latest version of LB not recognizing my laser which is connected via
ethernet, so I was given a patch,which fixed that issue. Now I cannot get the corel macro to work - I’ve reinstalled it several times and still not working - the icon will “flash” on my toolbar when I select it, but it is not opening up the file in lightburn. Any assistance is appreciated - I can work around it by exporting the file and importing into LB, but would prefer to be able to do it from Corel. Thunder Laser Nova 24 laser. Thanks!

Thank you for reporting this. We have not seen this in our testing of this “patch” (beta release) we shared, but we will double-check. I am going to create a bug report for this so again, thanks. Any additional information about this issue that might help us reproduce is appreciated. Which OS are you running?

Please cancel my support issue - after restarting a couple of times, it is working okay now! False alarm…my apologies.

Thank you for this update. Please do report if you see this again.

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