Corners of text missing

Just a quick question… I’m assuming this is the font and not my machine missing? I changed the speed and power a couple times and ran again. Still no change. I did another set of letters and it did fine.

Sorry, I can’t recall the font type at the moment.

Increase the Min Power setting. This is the power used when slowing for corners, and if it’s too low, the beam will shut off completely.

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Makes perfect sense now. When I did the letters down the right side, I noticed my low power was 0% so I upped it to 10. Side question, can you not rotate a whole word to go vertical like the “Go Heels” is? I ended up doing one letter at a time and then aligning everything up that way. Thanks Oz!

This is correct. The way you are doing this in LightBurn is the available workflow currently. Alternatively, if you do these a lot, you may consider using an external editor designed for doing this type of artwork, convert to path and import to LightBurn.

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