Correct Camera for Camfive

I’ve got a couple of weeks until my new CamFive Q3624K arrives. I wanted to order the camera ahead of time, but need to confirm if I will need the 95 or 110 degree. Can anybody help?

You need measurements from the machine, including the distance from the bed to the inside of the open lid. Without that, you can’t pick the right camera.

Yes, But I would suggest you hold off purchasing until you have the physical machine so you can choose the location for mounting and measure from there.

Here are some links that will help. Additionally, you can find a calculator/helper in LightBurn under the ‘Help’ menu.

Member supplied to help double-check your math. Lightburn Camera Calculator

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The current release of LightBurn has a helper for this:


Once your machine is configured, you go to that screen and it will give you the minimum mounting height for all the cameras we sell.

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