Corrupted file or controller problem?

I’ve been having trouble with this file and I’m wondering if the file is corrupted or if my ruida 6445 controller is bad. Everything looks correct when it’s on Lightburn and even when I send it to the controller but half of the attempts I run the file it gets to this point in the job and it makes a strange sound then starts cutting in the wrong area. Sometimes it cuts correctly and other times it doesn’t. I notice how it has a far jump to the next position but don’t know why that causes a malfunction. Has anyone had an issue like this?

I would suggest that sounds like accelaration or speed is too high causing the stepper motor to lock missing steps and loosing it’s place, could also be belts not correctly tensioned or rails need cleaning.

Ok, that makes sense. I’ve never messed with the acceleration speed, where do I change it and what should I change it to?

It is in machine settings, as I do not use Lightburn I can’t say exactly where it is! (someone else will let you know I’m sure) but if have never changed them and it has been working ok before then it could just be too high a speed or a mechanical adjustment (belt tension, rail cleaning) that needs looking at as these can change with use.

I had a very similar experience in the past and lowering the cut acceleration (on a Trocen controller though) resolved the issue.

After you clean the rails, do you oil them with anything?

I use grease in my linear bearings but many others use machine oil, I imagine any light lubricant should work.

Thank you for the advice, I will try to slow down the settings.

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