Could anyone make this for me

I’m not sure if I’m breaking the rules here… If so please remove.

I need to procure someone’s help in making a small tealight stand. The stand would need to be able to hold a 13cm diameter mirror (very light) resting on its side so that a tealight could them shine through the mirror from behind.

I believe 3mm ply would be suitable…

The mirror effect I am after is as below but without the need to hold the mirror in front of a lamp!

Ideally I would like a decent supply of these and would happily pay for them obviously… Say 10 - 20 to start.

I can do it. My email is>

Hi. Are you based in the UK?

I don’t have a design at the mo so no file to send over…

Also, what price would you charge for this?

This is the kinda thing I have seen

Why are you not making them on your own machine?
Doesn’t seem to be that difficult.

I only have a diode laser and getting it to consistently cut is difficult to say the least.

I think I need a K40 for consistency and I just cannot get myself one of these.

Are you sure you can’t cut it with your diode? I mean I can send you the file for free for what you want

oops,I thought is was still on the CNC router forum.
Sorry about that.
I have a diode laser also, and no it will not cut.
Yeah, you need to find someone with a C02 laser.

I would happily recieve the file to give it a try…

Amazing support.

Hooeson - if you could still make them also maybe you could pm/DM me (or whatever it is called) and we can discuss the logistics).

FYI, you can buy battery powered LED “tea candles” off of Amazon that mimic the flickering of a candle pretty well but don’t have the danger of an open flame. They are great for lowering legal liabilities if you are selling or giving your items to others. These are pretty cheap if you buy in bulk.

Agreed… I had intended on doing the fake tealight trick…

Just need the stands… Cutting is very difficult for consistency on the diode laser.

I know tea candles are approximately 38mm /1.5" in diameter, and the mirror is 13cm so that part is noted.
But what is the thickness of the mirror plate?

Hi, if you need someone in the UK, I can probably help you, I’m in Dorset. I have a full woodworking shop and a 50W CO2 laser. Let me know if I help.



Hi. It is 4mm I believe… 5 at the very most… Had to use normal ruler rather than calipers as not got access to them at the mo.

Um, not sure this is what you intended to link.

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Hold up, let me see what gives.

Sorry about that fellas, I linked the wrong thing obviously. I remove the OP link and here is the correct one I intended to provide the first go round> TeaLight Stand (3mm Ply)

Is the file good? Did you get it?

That looks better.

I will check it out on my pc in a short while as only on mobile phone at present.

Looking forward to seeing it.