Could someone explain these Machine Settings please

Not sure what these do.

and these…


They should be explained in the Ruida manual, though the translation isn’t always easy to parse.

Ahh, so you don’t know either! :smiley:

I’ve read through the Ruida manual once. It’s weird to read a language where you know all of the words, but when you put them in a sentence they make no sense whatsoever. sigh…

I’ll put on my magic decoder ring and have another go at it.

I suspect the factor values are global multipliers for acceleration, speed, etc, but I’ve never verified this. Facula size is the area of the concentrated beam portion, but I have no idea how it’s used by the controller.

Russ did a video on facula if you want to look it up on youtube.
All I remember after watching it was that I knew I wasn’t going to remember much about it.

There’s a “translated” version of the Ruida manual available for download on the RDWorksLab forum, I believe. A donation may be required to retrieve it, though. The translation was made by one or more members of the forum some time back.

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