Count And Passes

Hi. I have my cut/layers set up with two layers to be marked: one clean-up pass and one for depth. I have both layers set to do 5 passes at a 45 scan angle with angle increments of 72.
If I enter “25” for the count on the laser screen, it does 25 of my first layer and then 25 of my second layer rather than doing 5 passes of each alternating 25 times. How can I set it up to do the alternating passes for 25 counts?

Where are you entering these? In the layer, I assume…

I do this using the live framing screen for the fiber… if you set your passes in the above for 5 and 5, then use the live framing to set the count to 25, it will loop through the job that many times… You have to reset the count and enable repeat.

I think if you close this window, it will stop once the current job has been processed…


See if this helps you do what you want…

Good luck


I will give that a try. I have been entering 5 and 5 as you mentioned and the 25 on this screen but I have not clicked reset count and hit repeat. Thanks!

I forget to click all the buttons myself now and then…

Good luck, let us know if this fixes the issue…


it worked… Thank you so much!!!


Take care, have fun

Lets see some of you completed objects :wink:


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