Crash error Stack trace

Tried to trace an image, crashed 2 times.
Thought you should know

Please note the line of text in the error message beginning with “Send a screenshot…” to a specific email address. The folks on the forum are pretty good and the email response to crash messages is even better. I always add in that I don’t need to know much about it, but I always hear back. If you’re getting constant crashes, your situation may be different.

It’s nice to be reminded that no one ever reads anything. It means I don’t have to finish the documentation. :slight_smile:

@Randy - what were you trying to trace?

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Oh, it was a logo from a website. I will be getting a vector file for it but since it crashed I sent a report.
I will send crash reports to from now on.
Truth- I should fully read messages like this. Forum is my default.

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