Crashing on file Save

I am currently using RD Works with our Boxford laser. We have just got Lightburn so we have been exporting files from RD works as ai files and importing them into lightburn and re-saving them. At Least once to twice an hour as I go to save the file it crashes my whole laptop. I can’t right click on the Lightburn logo to close it or see the program running on the task manager. This laptop is not connected to the laser as I am sorting the files out at home and they just update to the cloud at work.

My laptop runs Windows 10, I have tried closing all other programs whilst running Lightburn and it seems to make no difference. It began crashing randomly yesterday, but now it is just on the saves.

Unfortunately I am one of them people that everything I touch, computer wise, I break without doing anything haha :sweat_smile:

Thank you. Not ready to blame you just yet, but you did say “I am one of them people - I touch, I break”. :slight_smile:

We have not had this reported before so, I’d like to suggest running Windows Update just to see if that picks up anything. It also might be worth uninstalling LightBurn and re-installing, just on the off chance something got corrupted.

Please let us know the results, and we can go from there.

Probably the pointer to the problem, right there.

Hi, I have been trying different things, I have done all windows updates, graphics card updates etc. I moved all files to my laptop so I could work locally to avoid the cloud but still getting issues. i then reinstalled it, I manage to go longer in between crashing but still getting it. It seems to be when I click on the import button or save button, the window for these does not appear and only way to sort it is to restart my laptop. Sometimes I have to hold the power button in because it has a huge hissy fit.

Well, I have experienced this, but teenagers are usually involved. :wink:

Do you get any error messages or crash reported? We want to see this if you get any messaging from the OS or LightBurn.

Hi there I’m just here to crash this feed as you mentioned you have a Boxford Laser. I’ve been looking at getting the BGL350 but have slight reservations because if you go on their website all of the accessories ie replacement tubes/filters etc are out of stock. If you don’t mind what is your experience of them as its quite a sizeable investment for me thank you

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